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11 crazy resignations

Resigned and out of there. Before being bullied and dismissed. Reduced work hours can also be considered a resignation. 11 crazy resignations and this type of behaviours happens every day out there in employee land

11 crazy resignations: What happened?

While everyone sometimes complains about their job, they certainly haven’t had to put up with as much as some of these employees! When you’ve been treated poorly by your employer for years sometimes you feel forced to resign! Here’s 11 crazy resignation stories where people were pushed to their breaking point! Always get advice before you resign. Consider what options that are available to you. Example: the Fair work Commission, and the Fair work Ombudsman. Also the police, work safe in your state, and the Australian human Rights Commission (AHRC). Your always welcome to give us a call (1800 333 666)

No holiday for you

An office worker had requested a specific week off months in advance to spend time with her family. Her boss had approved this time off and the employee was extremely excited to have time to relax after being so short staffed at work. Then, out of the blue, her boss texts her and tells her she’s going to have to work the week she had booked off and even Christmas eve and day too! The employee warned the boss that if they pushed the issue she would be leaving for good. The employer responded that they expected her to work during the holidays and that was final. Well, the employee told them they no longer had any workers and quit! Talk about good riddance!

Straighten your hair

One woman was wearing her hair naturally, which due to her race was a neat and clean afro. Suddenly her boss walks over to her and tells her that her hair is inappropriate and unprofessional. The boss tells her that she cannot come back to work unless her hair is straightened. Well, that was the last day they ever saw the employee! Hopefully her next workplace knows to respect its workers!

Just glad to be out of there. Forced to resign. There were false allegations against her. Knew she was going to be dismissed

Get in here now!

A bartender was constantly working and never got a day off. Finally, after eight days straight the employee had the night off and wanted to relax. They then got a text saying that another employee cancelled and so the bartender would have to come in and cover her shift. The employee exercised their right to refuse this overtime and pointed out that they hadn’t had a break in over a week. The employer simply responded that they were short staffed and if they didn’t come in, they would be dismissed. The employee stood their ground and said that they would not come in. The manager threatened them again so the employee told them that this was her notice, and she would not be returning to the workplace because they were sick of being over worked and threatened! Talk about a forced resignation!

I want a raise

An office worker was constantly giving their all at work, going in early, staying late, and making sure all their work was to the highest standard. After a year of working hard and mastering her role she asked for a raise. After calling a meeting and presenting the documentation to her boss about the significant revenue increase for the company that she had created, the boss refused to give her a raise. He made it clear that she was not worth the extra money and that giving her a raise would be working against his business. The next day he got the employee’s resignation. The crazy part is he acted confused as to why she felt forced to resign!

Hello creates a disturbance

This employee resigned after just three days but honestly, it’s lucky she got out quick! On her third day of employment, she went over to her employer’s office to say ‘hello’. You would think that the boss would appreciate their new employees’ friendliness but instead they started screaming at her for disturbing them. The employee immediately emailed her resignation to the boss and left. The boss then responded calling her a coward! The employee has no regrets leaving, that’s for sure!

Get on with my life. Subjected a to a workplace investigation that was unfair. Better off resigning before being dismissed.

Marriage or the job

One employee started a new job and informed the employer that he had his wedding in five months and would understandably need that day off. The employer agreed and said that this was fine. Well two weeks before the big day, the employer tells the employee that they made a mistake, and he would have to work his wedding day! His wedding, that had cost him and his future wife $40,000. Well, the employee refused, and the employer then threatened him stating he either could get married or keep his job. The employee resigned and is still happily married! This definitely sounds like a dismissal by forced resignation, but ultimately it worked out for this employee!

Important Holiday

One woman had booked an expensive holiday to visit her child who was studying overseas. It was going to be the last big family holiday which means everything was booked and paid for as they wanted the perfect vacation. The employee gave months of notice, which was approved, and it was all annual leave she had accumulated and was entitled to. Well two days before the employee was set to leave, her boss handed her an assignment and told her the holiday would have to be cancelled. The employee told the employer that if the company wouldn’t let her take her holiday she would be resigning. Well, the boss clearly didn’t get the message because a month later the employee had had an amazing trip and was starting at a new job!

Pizza Party

One sales assistant at a pizza restaurant took an order from a customer and then allowed them to go wait in their car while the order was being made. When the order was ready a different customer came to collect the order. So the employee spent some extra time making sure they got the correct order. Well, their employer did not like that, so they grabbed one of the pizza spatulas and smashed it into the pizza oven, shattering the glass panel on the front of the oven! That was it for the employee, they felt they were forced to resign for their safety as the employer was clearly unhinged! probably would have been dismissed anyway. I wonder how the customers reacted to that?!

Out-the-door-quickly.-Completely-toxic -workplace-culture.
Out the door quickly. Completely toxic workplace culture and being victimized. Better off at home regrouping and looking for a new role or career. 11 crazy resignations, we are one of them

More pizza

An employee at another pizza place was also forced to resign due to bad management! The employee did not enjoy working there but was waiting out the job until they could go away to university. The employee requested a week off to go on a surf trip with friends and this time off was approved in writing. Well, the boss scheduled the employee on to work during the week they were meant to have off. The employee approached the employer and questioned them about this, and they responded that the employee would just have to make some sacrifices for the company.

The boss then tore up the written time-off approval f in front of the employee! Well, the employee had enough and resigned on the spot! The boss then begged them to stay at the company to help the store. The employee told the boss it was their turn to sacrifice for the store! Karma!

Employee resigned in haste, don’t do it, think it through, get advice first. Many employees resign and assume the employer will talk them out of it. Sometimes this happens but don’t count on it.

Sick boss

This office worker took a few days off work to tend to their father who was sick with a brain tumor. Though, the employee was still answering emails and conference calls while she was away, which doesn’t sound like time off at all! Naturally this was a very difficult time for the employee, but then as soon as they returned to work their boss gave them a project that would take eight days to complete, but only gave them three days to do it! When the employee presented the completed project to their employer, the employer stated that they sounded resentful, despite the employer having been ‘generous’ by granting their time off. Well, the employee resigned on the spot because no job is worth that kind of attitude!

Hubby to the rescue

A nurse was working in a nursing home, but she also had her own health problems to deal with. Due to some liver complications her blood sugar levels would drop meaning she would need to take the occasional break to get the blood sugar levels back up to a safe level. As she was a nurse, she owed a duty of care to her patients to be in sound mind when treating them and handling their medications. Well, when the nurse asked for a second break in the shift to get her blood sugar levels back up, she was told that there was no one to cover her and that she would have to just work through it.

The employee called her husband because she was so worried about her health, and he came to get her. When he got there, he stormed into the office and yelled at the supervisors for the way they were treating his wife then he told them she quits! Another clear example of a dismissal via forced resignation due to the conduct of the employer forcing the employee to choose between her health and her job!

Forced to resign. Completely stressed. No choice but to resign. Referred to as a constructive dismissal. Going to the Fair Work Commission with a unfair dismissal claim. (F2 application, 21 days to lodge).

Conclusion to: 11 crazy resignations:

While resigning can feel satisfying in the moment, it is always good to consider your rights and options before giving up your job. If you do end up resigning, then it is important to consider whether you really were dismissed via forced resignation because of the company’s conduct. Whether that’s making you work in an unsafe environment or them threatening to dismiss you, so you feel forced to resign! How long will you be out of work before getting a new job? Will it effect my career prospects? How will I finish my apprenticeship? Will the payout pay my bills? Can i get a reference? These question have to be considered before you resign.

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