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Employee Rights

Trans rights in the workplace

Trans issues in the workplace: 4 controversial cases Trans rights in the workplace has become an increasingly discussed topic in

workplace-turned-into-a -crime-scene
Employee Rights

Violence in the workplace:

Workplace violence: 6 examples from around the world Violence in the workplace may be more common than you think. Research

Unfair Dismissal

Working around workplace relationships

Smirking, rolling of eyes, or even smiling can lead to trouble Working around workplace relationships can be difficult. Every boss,

Employee Rights

Duties that are not mine

Jobs Outside my contracted duties, demeaning tasks, or not trained for. Sometimes it is hard to separate work and personal

Employee Rights

Mental health hazards at work

Explore workplace mental health hazards, their impact, and practical strategies for employers. Learn how to create a supportive environment, recognise early signs, and promote well-being. Dive into the complexities of psychosocial risks and empower your organisation. Uncover resources and foster a culture that prioritises mental health.

Unfair Dismissal

Dismissed for pregnancy or maternity leave

Discover real-life cases of pregnancy-related dismissal in the workplace. From Mecca Cosmetica’s legal battle to widespread discrimination, learn about your rights and how to take action. If you’ve faced unfair dismissal due to pregnancy or maternity leave, we shed light on your options. Knowledge is power! 💪🤰

Unfair Dismissal

Billionaire and unfair dismissals

Discover the truth behind billionaire business practices and their impact on dismissed workers. Explore recent cases, employee rights, and the role of the Fair Work Commission. Dive into the world of unfair dismissals and workplace justice.

Unfair Dismissal

Falsely accused at work: 3 crazy cases

Unmasking Workplace Injustice: Shocking Cases of False Accusations. We share shocking cases of false accusations at work that led to devastating consequences for employees

Unfair Dismissal

4 huge Vic unfair dismissal payouts

Victorian unfair dismissals: 4 times workers won big Victorian unfair dismissal payouts have in recent years regularly been amongst the

Unfair Dismissal

Fair Work NSW

Discover your rights regarding unfair dismissal in New South Wales (NSW). Learn about eligibility, small business codes, and legal protections. Stay informed and safeguard your employment rights and how FWA operates in the state of NSW.

Employee Rights

Can your boss spy on you?

Workplace surveillance by your boss isn’t inherently evil. It serves legitimate purposes—security, productivity, and compliance. However, employers must respect the dignity and privacy of their workforce. As we embrace technology, employers need to ensure it doesn’t erode the fundamental human rights of employees.

Unfair Dismissal

Is AI Coming For your Job?

Discover how AI is reshaping the job landscape and what it means for employee rights in Australia. Dive into the debate on unfair dismissal in the age of automation, and learn how to safeguard your career against the tides of technological change.

Unfair Dismissal

Can lying get you dismissed?

Dismissed worker lies about headbutting client Lying to your employer can often lead to a fair dismissal. This is because

Unfair Dismissal

4 Late unfair dismissal claims

FWC gets lenient on late unfair dismissal claims When it comes to accepting late unfair dismissal claims, the Fair Work

Unfair Dismissal

Sacked for behaving badly

Sacked for behaving badly, alot of employees lack insight as to what they have done wrong. The best way is

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