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Resigning in style: 13 hilarious ways people have quit

Its my last day, its 5o’clock, I quit, I’m out of here. Also oral resignation, how does it work?

Resigning in style: 13 hilarious ways people have quit

Resigning, for most people, is a simple and mundane process. Typically, it involves writing a polite letter of resignation, and calmly handing it to your employer. Some people, however, choose to resign in more creative ways. In this article, we’ll show you some of the funnier resignations we’ve seen. Resigning in style: 13 hilarious ways people have quit is worth a read. Perhaps lighten your day or give you ideas

Of course, there’s nothing funny about being out of work. There’s nothing funny if you have been forced to reign, going without income. Especially if you’ve had to resign because of a terrible boss or poor work conditions. But if you’ve been in that situation before, you may sympathize with some of these uniquely funny ways people have chosen to resign and stick it to their boss.

Flight attendant resigns over airline PA, then slides off plane 

When your resignation ends up having its own Wikipedia page, you know it was memorable.

In 2010, JetBlue flight attendant Steve Slater had just touched down at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport. Despite being told to stay seated, a cranky passenger decided to grab his bag from the overhead storage. And in so doing, he accidently hit Mr Slater in the head.

This was the last straw for the long-serving JetBlue flight attendant. Mr Slater, a self-confessed ‘bag Nazi,’ grabbed the plane’s public address system. He then launched into a profanity-laden tirade that shocked passengers, concluding by tending his resignation.

“I’ve been in this business 20 years. And that’s it, I’m done,” said Mr Slater.


Mr Slater then grabbed his bags and two cans of beer from the galley, before cranking the lever for the aircraft’s inflatable emergency escape chute. He hurled his bags onto the chute, then slid down to the tarmac. Once on terra firma, Mr Slater ripped off his tie, threw it on the tarmac, and walked away.

Later that day, he was arrested by police.

A heartfelt resignation card goes viral

Whether it’s to wish happy birthday or a merry Christmas, we all love to send cards to those we adore. One employee, however, decided to send a very special resignation card to their boss.

In 2019, a colleague of the employee shared their card on social media, and it quickly went viral. “One of our team members handed in their notice like this,” the colleague said on Twitter. “We all just stood and laughed when it was presented to our manager.”

Resigning-in style-13-hilarious-ways- people-have-quit-Resignation-letter
resignation card goes viral

Homeware employee announces resignation on a price tag

When your boss isn’t a nice person, sometimes they have to pay a price. And that’s exactly what happened to a manager of US homeware chain Bed, Bath & Beyond, who received a disgruntled employee’s resignation on the price tag of a $119 NuWave Pro oven.

“This is for fat f***s, my boss is a p****, I’M QUITTING TODAY,” read the message on the tag.

[Image 3]


The price tag was apparently spotted by a customer who was browsing the store, and later posted on Reddit.

When your resignation letter only includes the words “I quit”

To resign from a job, it’s a legal requirement to notify your employer in writing. This typically involves writing a resignation letter that includes a few sentences explaining the reasons for doing so, and perhaps expressing your best wishes to your boss.

One employee, however, decided to send a letter that included the absolute bare minimum. The employee posted the below letter to Reddit, explaining that their boss had withheld their last pay check, and would only hand it over if they issued their resignation in writing.

So, they did.

Resigning-in-style:-13-hilarious-ways- people-have-quit-resignation-is-brief

Fast food staff resign on masse due to “sweatshop conditions”

Sometimes, when your working conditions resemble a “borderline sweatshop,” as was the case for this crew of US fast food chain Chipotle, it calls for a mass walkout.

Fed up with their employer’s lust for profits above all else, the crew decided to quit all at once. They kindly notified customers of the mass resignation with a letter stuck to the store’s entrance. I’m sure Chipotle’s head office received a few calls on the back of this one.


It’s technically a formal resignation if you scrawl it on a white board

We’ve already seen a variety of creative ways to write your formal letter of resignation. But when your boss doesn’t ever come into work, it means you have to be practical and write it on the only surface they’re guaranteed to see.

That’s what this American employee did due to never being able to catch his manager at work. The only way the employee could herald the news of his resignation was by picking up a whiteboard marker and scrawling down his notice on a whiteboard.


Penning a heartfelt breakup letter to McDonalds

Sometimes when people have been long-serving employees, they get a bit sentimental when writing their resignation letter. McDonalds crew member Michael Taylor, while only employed by the Golden Arches for 10 months, took workplace sentimentality to a new level when he resigned.

In 2014, Mr Taylor penned a heartfelt breakup letter to McDonalds, in which he assured his employer that “it’s not you, it’s me.” As much as he enjoyed serving burgers and fries, Mr Taylor said that he and McDonalds “just need our time apart,” but ensured the fast-food chain that “we can still be friends.”    


Sometimes it’s good to be clear and concise when you resign

This one doesn’t really need any explanation.


A resignation letter that will self-destruct in 5…4…3…2…1…

If you’re so fed up with your boss telling you what to do all the time, sometimes you have to do the exact opposite. This employee was told by his manager to take his job seriously. So, he decided to hand in his resignation in the most sober and professional way possible.


A designer leaves a very special desktop alert for their boss

Restarting your computer isn’t going to get this employee to feel differently. He decided to alert his boss that he was resigning in a way that would get anyone’s attention. He even kindly provided a few options of how to deal with it. We can only assume the ‘renegotiate’ link was broken.

Resigning-in-style-13-hilarious-ways- people-have-quit

Sometimes you just have to let it all out, resigning in style

When you’ve gone out of your way to do favors for your boss, the least you can expect is some gratitude. This employee seemingly didn’t receive any for the many favors she details in her resignation letter, which couldn’t be dripping with more sarcasm.


This resignation letter takes the cake

Most people spend just a few minutes typing and then emailing their resignation letter to their boss. For former UK immigration officer Chris Holms however, handing in his notice involved spending hours in the kitchen baking a cake.

In 2013, Mr Holmes, who worked at London’s Stansted Airport for seven years, delivered his resignation letter to his boss in cake form. The 31-year-old said that he had been planning his resignation cake for six months, and when he was finally ready to call it quits, handed it to his manager.

“I handed in the cake in person to the duty manager, said Mr Holmes. I think he was pleasantly surprised.”


“The lettering was a bit tricky because there were so many words and was quite fiddly,” continued Mr Holmes. “’I thought it was a good-natured resignation and hopefully left a nice taste in their mouths.”

And Mr Holmes indeed went on to establish his own successful cake business – Mr Cake – which still operates today. Resigning in style certainly has some long term benefits

Developer turns his resignation into a Super Mario game

This is another cordial resignation. In 2009, Australian game developer Jarrad Woods (AKA Farbs) decided to hand in his six weeks’ notice by designing a new level of the classic Super Mario Brothers video game.

Mr Woods departed 2K Australia in Canberra by creating his own version of the game, in which he delivered a resignation message: “Thank you 2K Australia! You gave me a paycheck, an incredible project and a world-class team to learn from. But my princess is in another castle.”

computer-game resignation

Mr Woods, who had spent 20 years as a game developer, proudly spoke of his gamified resignation.

“Six weeks hence indie gaming love will gush from this site,” he said on his blog. “I stayed up all night working on my resignation though, so I’ll have to take a nap beforehand.”

You can play the resignation message here. Its certainly resigning in style.

Conclusion to Resigning in style: 13 hilarious ways people have quit

Have you experienced a forced resignation or unfair dismissal?

I hope you enjoyed Resigning in style: 13 hilarious ways people have quit If you’ve been forced to resign by your employer. My personal view is to resign or quit in a professional manner. Have some class about yourself, your the better person, show it. Don’t let that employer take your self respect away from you. Don’t stoop to their level. Also in future you don’t know where you end up in life and you might need then as a reference. Or at the very least not to make disparaging comments about you. “Don’t burn you bridges” is the saying. Forced to resign over piercings also expands out on your rights.

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