What is Toxic Workplace Culture

The Power of Post-Prevention

Toxic Workplaces are commonly defined as when the nature of the work, the people and the resulting environment (or any combination of those) cause serious harm to an employee’s mental and physical wellbeing. To speak more plainly – it could be the pressure imposed by an employer to meet unreasonable targets outside of your job profile, a calculated unfair dismissal or abusive behaviour – to name a few.

‘1 in 5 Australian’s have taken time off work in the past twelve months because  they felt stressed, anxious, depressed or mentally unhealthy,’ revealed a study by BeyondBlue and HeadsUp, Australia – This statistic doubles among those who consider their workplace mentally unhealthy. However alarming these figures may seem, Employees are unlikely to seek emotional support due to the fear of being stigmatised which could impact their career progression and performance. This lack of psychological safety means people are hesitant to speak up or seek help which can lead to overwhelming feelings of isolation. 

For every dollar earned in a toxic workplace, you lose double in healthcare costs. Whether you’re buying aspirin, taking unpaid leave to distance yourself from the abuse or accruing medical appointments for various ailments, the financial costs associated with workplace abuse result in rapid loss which extends beyond the fiscal. 

Trauma lives in the body. Verbal assault, calculated retaliation, intimidation and mobbing are traumatising when compounded over prolonged periods. This abuse directly results in reduced wellbeing.  If unaddressed, situational conditions such as headaches, stomach pains, sleep deprivation and feelings of depression risk becoming chronic life-long conditions. Repeated abuse often heightens insecurity about your competence and character and in extreme cases make you question your perceived reality. Seeking support early is essential to reducing the psychological and physiological impacts of toxicity. 

If your wellbeing and self-esteem has taken a hit due to workplace abuse you are not alone. There is a growing community of people who are seeking solutions and confidential support to heal from prolonged workplace abuse and recover their career. 

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A Safe Space & Confidential Community

Supporting you to overcome and recover from workplace abuse

Culture Cure has supported over 4,000 people to overcome toxic workplace culture. We work closely with leading experts such as therapists, legal professionals and career counsellors to offer comprehensive recovery.  Our confidential online membership community and resource hub is a safe space for anyone who wants to overcome toxic workplace culture and restore their career and life.  

We can support you in the following ways:



Build your capacity to identify toxic workplace culture early, learn resilience strategies, healthy coping mechanisms, overcome gaslighting, and protect yourself from workplace abuse through regular online training.



Expert advice and psychological aid from a range of experienced specialists to help you recover your well-being and rebuild your career.

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Access to a global community network that accepts you and embraces your strengths. Receive daily support to answer all your questions, it’s a safe space to express yourself and strengthen your confidence. 



Receive insights-led tools to nurture a healthier working world and stop this toxic cycle.



We offer an affordable service to welcome anyone who has experienced toxic workplace culture.

We are ‘for the people,’ we fundamentally believe that it is the organisation that needs to change not the individual. We believe in breaking the cycle of toxicity for future generations and encourage systemic change through awareness.

Healing From Unfair Dismissals

Emotional Recovery

Toxic workplace culture often pushes out high performing employees. A common form of workplace mistreatment is unfair and untimely termination. It could be for prejudice reasons such as ageism or even be a result of unhealthy hierarchies and that force individuals out of a role through calculated internal manoeuvring . More often than not, these employees demonstrate  ‘prosocial’ behaviour such as compassion and pride themselves on being hard-working, yet become targets to abuse. 

This injustice deserves compensation whether that be through claims,  financial remuneration or formal apologies. 

However, targets of workplace abuse may have trouble recalling events and the key information necessary to provide a strong case. You may find yourself endlessly replaying the events trying to make sense of the senseless. However without clear guidance you could risk inadvertently reliving these traumatic events and prolong the suffering.

And what happens when the paperwork is complete and your claim is filed? Although there is justice in the company acknowledging their wrongdoings, often individuals  face unresolved emotional repercussions from the toxic workplace that need to be addressed for a successful recovery.

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Seek Adequate Self Healing

Targets of workplace misconduct often feel as though their identity has been fractured and that they have lost part of themselves in the battle. It’s common to question your self-worth and feel as though you may not return to the person you were before the toxicity. Much like any loss, it is important to seek adequate care for this grieving process. For this reason, we recommend accompanying your compensation claims with emotional support to validate your experience and facilitate a holistic approach to healing. 

Such toxic environments often extend beyond career consequences and health risks, having adverse effects on all areas of your life – your relationships with family and friends, lifestyle choices, sleep quality, thought process, creative flow and confidence to name a few. 

If you feel as though you’re stuck in the toxicity even after you’ve left or find yourself thinking that the situation is just as bad everywhere, know that you can recover and live in a brighter future. 

Our goal is to provide you with insights-driven knowledge to identify toxicity early and minimise the chance of entering into a similar situation. We support you to rebuild your life and strengthen your confidence so you are ready to re-enter the work world. 

We are the only post-prevention service focused on emotional recovery so you can reach inner peace, restore your sense of self and move forward.

Workplace Well-being Should Be Non-Negotiable

Insights-Driven Data | Be Part Of The Change

It’s true to say that many companies would rather blame the individual than admit to a systemic issue. 

Those who have experienced abuse may inadvertently adopt this abusive behaviour to fit into a deeply embedded culture, displaying abusive behaviour towards their subordinates in an attempt to gain social acceptance and rewards. These behaviours may be subliminally encouraged through implicit or explicit rewards which creates a vicious cycle of bullying, discrimination and abuse that persists across generations. 

If you have experienced abuse you may feel compelled to remain at the workplace to save someone else from enduring the same suffering or want to share your story in the hope that it will help someone else in need. This willingness to help others is at the heart of everything we do.

Culture cure is a global movement that aims to eradicate the normalisation of toxic workplace culture from its roots by ending this cycle of abuse through insight-driven awareness. 

We focus on people over profit and inform our practice using data driven stories from our community of survivors, inspirers, industry leaders. Our inclusive community is a safe space that nurtures emotional strength and empowers our patrons to challenge their toxic workplace situations and collectively raise the bar for a healthy working world.

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Our confidential membership is available as an app or desktop download and includes:

  • Office hours with 7+ leading experts (one to one support with an expert of your choice*)
  • Weekly Q&A support from a therapist (to answer all your concerns & queries)
  • Daily community engagement support (to discuss topics of concern and general advice)
  • Access to Toxic-Free Exit Strategy Course valued at $499
  • 4 New ‘Events’ each month including:
    • Training Videos (audio, subtitles available)
    • Workshops hosted by experts
    • Fireside chats with community members
    • Wellbeing ‘rituals’
  • Directory of resources (books, research, relevant businesses)
  • Downloadable content such as: Information booklets, guides, planners and workbooks

Employee Rights

Explore everything there is to know about your rights as an employee under the Fair Work Act 2009. We answer everything you need to know so you’ll have a clear understanding of what steps to take and what protections are available to support your workplace rights. 

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Restore Your Sense of Self

If you feel as though your confidence has taken a hit, or defeated as though it will be just as bad everywhere and exhausted from battling the bullies. Know that you are not alone, it is not your fault and you can recover from this. We are here to help you restore your sense of self, overcome this toxicity and move forward.

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