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Work life in Australia behind the curtains

Enjoying time together. In the next four years there will be close to a million new migrants settling in Australia. Most of them will be coming on work visas. These people are not add on’s to the workforce but a interregnal part of the workforce. They play an essential part of upskilling Australia to meet its future obligations to a aging population and stay relevant in more competitive world.

Work life in Australia behind the curtains

Before we jump on to discussing the life at workplaces in Australia, let’s just look at life in Australia. Is it normal for everyone? Is there discriminations? Work hour’s differences? What work rights do I have. Do I have access to unfair dismissals?, Can I complain?, Who do I complain to? We get these calls all the time, people from New Zealand and Great Britain where workplace rights are well established though to migrants from Africa and Asian countries where there are no workplace laws. Work life in Australia behind the curtains is worth a read after all 30 percent of all employees are foreign born.

Many migrant employees are on sponsored visa’s from their employers and they simply don’t want to rock the boat when a problem rises. In turn these employees think they subjected to being deported. Migration and workplace rights are a confusing maze out there. I’ve written over 300 articles in the last 2 years and I have never struggled to find a topic to write about.

Well, life in Australia has never been easy for anyone living there. Yet alone new arrivals. It is because everyone has to earn, meet the requirements set for the standard of living, the rising economy after COVID, inflation and competition. Time is running out, as machines or robots take over. (think about the hundred’s of thousands of truck drivers that will be thrown out of work when driverless trucks arrive). This makes person’s life difficult and hectic. Australian standard of living is increasingly under threat. But so is the rest of the world.

Welcomed at work. Will this goodwill last is the challenge. Nobody wants a dismissal to begin with. Working from home challenges.

A great place to be

Over time Australia has become one of the most desirable country people from other parts of the world want to move. The reasons that make Australia among the most demanded countries are its economy, good opportunities for people, higher studies and career building opportunities. Many students coming from Asia and Middle East and on completion of their studies end up staying here.

But what goes on behind the curtains? Only the one who suffers knows it well. Or we can say, all that glitters is not gold. Australia is among those countries which has paved its ways to the modern life and its opportunities. Wherever we go in Australia we find people coming from different cultures such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China etc. Whether it is an office job, working in a factory, or a petrol station from lowest to highest paying jobs people from every culture can be seen in Australia. Now comes the question of:

  1. How are they treated at workplaces?
  2. Is the Australian environment adaptable for someone new?
  3. What is the situation like at workplaces? Can it be imagined?
  4. How are the disputes at workplaces resolved?

Must make a effort

Anything which is seen from far seems quite easy, smooth and accessible to anyone. Unless, we put ourselves in their shoe we cannot understand the situation of someone or their suffering. Some employees come from war zones and have PTSD and have mental health issues. Since, people from different cultures work in Australia, they have a lot of struggles and obstacles which they face. These struggles can be in terms of adjusting at workplaces, getting familiar with people, understanding the mode of work, familiarizing with working criteria. The struggles can be entirely different such as cultural discrimination, disputes taking place because of race and color and the list goes on.

Work-life-in-Australia-behind-the-curtains.-Better relationships-Better-teamwork-More-productivity.
Foster better relationships leads to better teamwork and more productivity .Work life in Australia behind the curtains needs to be discussed more often. Toxic workplaces should be avoided.

Treatment in the workplace

The treatment at workplace for people from outside the Australia is different. If they are treated the right way, they are welcomed warmly and promoted to good opportunities, making lives easier of their families. But if they are targeted at workplaces just because of their identity, color or if they are performing well than the other employees and upsetting the status quo then bullying and isolation may occur. Such situations at workplace cause disputes. They sometimes get difficult to be resolved and the victim has to suffer the consequences silently thinking they don’t wanted to be kicked out of Australia if they breach their visa’ conditions.

Moving forward to the next situation is whether the workplace environment is adaptable or not. Australian workplace environments usually are friendly, open to all. But not everywhere this is the case. Adjusting in an Australian environment at the workplace vary depending on the workplace and its management processes and staff. At some places, employees whether they are from Australia or from any other country they would feel like workplace is their second home. While on the other hand, if the roles are switched it becomes difficult for them to adjust because of the pressure at the workplace. The behavior of the employees and criticism which they might face would make it difficult for them to survive at the workplace.

Working outdoor’s, nothing wrong with this or working from home as long as productivity does not decline.

Situation at work

Situations at the workplace vary from the type of work to the type of people working at the workplace. Also, the mode of work whether it is hectic or complicated or both. If someone is working at a petrol station definitely it would get hectic and tiring at the same time are not offered shifts, breaks or other benefits that apply under the award system established in Australia. If someone is working at a shop, they would also look for shifts and breaks to take a rest from the hectic routine. Working at a beauty parlor would seem astonishing and exciting to the customers but for the staff it is tiring to groom customers while they themselves are exhausted. Similarly, the condition of people working at IT Companies and business houses is different.

Where the ambiance of the workplace is smooth they would enjoy the experience and would never wish to quit the job. While on the other hand, if people are exhausted in their jobs or it creates problems for them, difficulties in survival at workplace, the situation and life at workplace could be worse to imagine. So, yes the life of an employee or staff in Australia if it is not in the good hands, their situation cannot be imagined but if they are luckily at reputable and good workplaces, they can never wish to move to another place but difficult situations give rise to disputes at workplace.

Workplace’s can be complex. Especially for new arrivals from overseas. Companies need to consider this as part of their recruitment process. There is no point on bringing someone in from overseas to only dismiss them.

Disputes in the workplace

Lastly, as we have discussed the situations which give rise to disputes at workplace. Now we will be discussing ways in which disputes can be resolved. In order to resolve the disputes we need to see the weightage of them. Some disputes might be light and secondary which can be resolved with communication. While on the other hand bigger and complex disputes can bring difficult times for both the parties. There are different types of disputes that take place at the workplace and there are different ways to handle the disputes so that they resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned.

While unlawful behaviour disputes are the ones which are not because of the work issues. They can be because of cultural discrimination, race, color and competition between the two. These disputes are different from other performance type related disputes and sometimes it can be difficult to resolve such matters.

  • Competition between the employee
  • Hatred for each other’s culture
  • Jealousy and not want each other to promote
  • Humiliating and Abusing the minor or needy one
  • Revenge
Human resources have to be non judgmental. They must act in every bodies interest, not just the employers. Constructive dismissal or dismissal is the last resort.

Human resource department

  • If you are someone who is not aware of Australian culture and you are landed a job in the workplace which is foreign to you. Do not panic and try to understand the work mode and criteria. Also, focus on the requirements and what is expected from you being an employee. Flexibility and having a open mind can play a key role. The Human resource department at the office is to cater to the needs of the employees. So instead of moving or looking to another employer to work at it is advisable to refer your problems to HR, as they are the right people to guide you.
  • If an employee has to go through constructive dismissal at the workplace and it makes difficult for them to survive, they must involve or get advice someone who is experienced and reliable. If they cannot find someone inside the workplace whom they can rely on, they must refer there problem to someone outside the office. Give us a call
  • If you have meetings or important work assigned to you by the authorities at the office and they expect something good for you. Then it is your job to perform the role well and in order to perform well make sure that you prepare, discuss and then submit the final work.
Workplace wellness. Good employers pride themselves in achieving this. This can be work life balance, working from home. A four day week, understanding on excessive sick leave. Flexibility over mental health and domestic violence issues. Working around workplace relationships. is a great article on what to avoid.

Conclusion to: Work life in Australia behind the curtains

A Whole New Approach has been helping employees adjust to Australian workplace life. Informing them of their rights for more than 20 years. AWNA have helped people and enabled them, empowered them to enjoy the work life in Australia without any stress. Whether the issue is of harassment or humiliation. Or any work life issue which seems impossible to be resolved, AWNA offer solutions and guidance to surviving in the workplace.

Workplaces are diversified as Australia is large with 200 different nationalities and religions at work here. The rules and regulations might be difficult for some to follow or as they confront problems they do not know how to cope up. This is the moment where AWNA can be reached out to and solutions found. All Fair work Commission matters, toxic workplace culture concerns, been dismissed, or harassed, casual employment rights, call us now

Free call 1800 333 666 for confidential, no obligation chat.

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