Employee Rights

Employee Rights

Don’t be bullied by your boss

Boss bullies dismissed worker with ‘intimidatory’ allegations It is not uncommon for some bosses to bully or intimidate casual workers in order to force their

Employee Rights

Why workplace car charging should be a right

Should electric car charging be a workplace right? Workplace electric vehicle charging is fast becoming a perk offered by employers across the globe. It is

Employee Rights

The Power of Relationships at Work

What’s Happened I have published various articles on the rights of employees to work from home. (WFH). I still subscribe to this. Many employees right

Employee Rights

Understanding Casual Employee Rights

Casual Employee Rights: Empowering Workers in the Gig Economy Casual employment has been reshaped In today’s dynamic labor market, the rise of casual employment has

Employee Rights

Discrimination what’s it all mean?

State by state analysis New South Wales (NSW) – Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 Emerging in the late 1970s, the Act was among Australia’s first to grapple

Employee Rights

False accusations the best way to respond

How to defend against false accusations at work False accusations at work can be deeply distressing and damaging to an individual’s personal and professional life.

Employee Rights

What rights do casual employees have?

Casual employee rights Casual worker rights are increasingly in the spotlight as the federal government aims to bolster them. But it has not always been

Employee Rights

Misconduct at Work: A Guide for Employees

Introduction: In today’s professional landscape, misconduct at work can have severe consequences for both employees and organizations. It’s essential for employees to understand the various

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