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Trans rights in the workplace

Trans issues in the workplace: 4 controversial cases Trans rights in the workplace has become an increasingly discussed topic in recent times. In 2022, the

Employee Rights

Flexible Work Arrangements What’s Next?

Flexible work arrangements bend to new work standards or snap under pressure? Since the rise and fall of Covid-19 almost every industry has arranged some

Employee Rights

Sexual Assault and harassment at Work

What is the difference? To differentiate sexual harassment and sexual assault can be challenging. Due to the scope of both crimes an individual may be

workplace-turned-into-a -crime-scene
Employee Rights

Violence in the workplace:

Workplace violence: 6 examples from around the world Violence in the workplace may be more common than you think. Research by SafeWork Australia reveals that

Employee Rights

Duties that are not mine

Jobs Outside my contracted duties, demeaning tasks, or not trained for. Sometimes it is hard to separate work and personal lives. However, what happens when

Employee Rights

Mental health hazards at work

Explore workplace mental health hazards, their impact, and practical strategies for employers. Learn how to create a supportive environment, recognise early signs, and promote well-being. Dive into the complexities of psychosocial risks and empower your organisation. Uncover resources and foster a culture that prioritises mental health.

Employee Rights

What Does it Mean to Disconnect from Work

Your employee rights explained outside work hours In a recent proposed change to the Fair Work Act 2009, employees will be protected against employers trying

Employee Rights

Can your boss spy on you?

Workplace surveillance by your boss isn’t inherently evil. It serves legitimate purposes—security, productivity, and compliance. However, employers must respect the dignity and privacy of their workforce. As we embrace technology, employers need to ensure it doesn’t erode the fundamental human rights of employees.

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