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Bullying in the workplace: How do we end it?

We all have to stand up against bullies. You should not be dismissed for excising your workplace rights. Toxic workplaces should not exist. Bullying in the workplace is increasingly common dispite the laws to prevent it

The workplace is not always a comfort zone

It takes years for a lot of employees to adjust in the workplace and its environment. Even after working for so many good years, people do not habituative at making friends with colleagues. People are inherently private. (that’s why we are the only animal that wares cloths). There could be different reasons involved such as: introvert people working, not comfortable at making friends, financial needs, simply too busy and working to earn money etc.

Imagine a person who is the bread winner of the house and has gone through bullying in the workplace. It makes it difficult for a person to quit if the reasons that make them earn are heavy on their shoulders.

Introvert employees are not considered

For introvert people, they might step out of their houses with a better and productive image of the workplace environment. If the net result is they are bullied or harassed, it has a detrimental impact drawn on their minds and personality that may never vanish. Therefore, bullying in the workplace is an alarming situation which needs to stop. Not only it is a toxic trait but according to the mental health laws, the Fair work Act, (anti bullying legislation F72 form) it is prohibited. To stop bullying in the workplace there are some vital steps that must be taken.

  • Spread awareness about the human rights that they can use when harassed.
  • Working places must be monitored, over ruled and culprits must be dismissed or disciplined.
  • Raise voice – so that anti-bullying workplace policy is made and in turn enforced.
  • Before working at a new employer make sure you communicate about the employee rights.
  • Have knowledge of harassment rights so that if someone comes across harassment or bullying they can put excise a workplace right to complain.
  • Whether it is a man or woman, rights and policies must be equal for all despite the gender discrimination issues.
Some employees are harassed by everybody. They are seen as the weak link. Some employees its not in their nature to be confronters and push back. Don’t be bullied by your boss, learn to stand up for yourself

Bullying put a end to it

Bullying is a category of harassment which has dangerous consequences. Anyone at any age can experience bullying. (some people were bullied when they went to school at a young age. They accept that bullying is being part of life). However, we are addressing bullying in the workplace and its circumstances. There are mainly two figures who can put an end to the bullying in the workplace or can reduce it.

  • Society – if society stands as one community and come out of the toxicity we may reduce the rise of bullying and sexual harassment. There are greater chances that raising your voice and fighting for one’s own rights can deliberately bring a change which can be beneficial for many.
  • Workplace and public sectors – to stop bullying in the workplace, we believe it is the responsibility of the human resources management at the office. At working places there must be a anti-bullying workplace policy that is visible to all so that no one thinks of committing an inappropriate act.
Employee finding some space to stay away from the bully. Try and develop some strategies that protect you and your family. Working from home is a popular option many employees are requesting. This is a workplace and employee right to ask.


As the famous proverb saying, “Majority is Authority” sums it all.

To bring a stronger impact and change it is important to stand united. To come into the consideration it is important to raise your voice loudly. Everyone is concerned for their children, siblings, parents and grandparents etc. who step out of the house for bullying in public areas or workplace. To stop this behaviour in the public areas, we first need to build environments’ that are comfortable for speaking out. This cultural shift will then also gravitate into the workplace

If we normalize of sharing such mishaps and making them less like a taboo, bullying can definitely weaken. Secondly, if we know someone around us is not comfortable to be around, we must take action against that person. Remaining silent (for a long time i refer this to suffering in silence) over any kind of torture is inappropriate and it effects the person psychologically as well. Moreover, trust is the key which can conquer any negativity. When we stand together as a society, we must trust each other and fight for justice just like we might fight or struggle for ourselves.

Bullied by older male or manager is common. Nobody should use their position to take advantage or to humiliate another employee. These people should be disciplined and if necessary dismissed. I’m sorry to say as a older person but many older employees are stuck in the past as to how things are done.


In order to stop bullying in the workplace there are several strategies that companies can apply. Obviously, when a person is being harassed at the workplace it defames the company reputation also. No owner or shareholder of a company would want anyone to “out” their company as bullies. This would land them into trouble to say the least. Harassing and bullying must be immediately investigated with punishment must be displayed at the spot where anyone who enters the office can read them carefully. In many instances the management is unaware of the harassment consequences taking place in the workplace. We will say it again you have to speak up.

The employee being harassed must inform the Human Resource department. After receiving the complaint, they must take strict actions, observe, monitor and make final decision announcement against the person. CCTV cameras must be installed everywhere around the office so that the place remains safe for all. Apart from the rules for the harassers, every company must make an anti-bullying policy for the awareness so that nobody could think of indulging in such acts.

Offices must organize workshops:

In order to spread awareness for working in the public areas, the offices must arrange workshops on different public issues and rights of the employees. The workshops would also be a positive way of spreading the message to the culprits and the employees could know about their legal rights. The employees working would feel comfortable, safe and secure. Also, this is a unique and productive approach which must be implemented by every workplace as it is a social issue which needs to be addressed.

You would be surprised to know that bullying in the workplace is different for women and men. Mainly the victims of bullying are women but to a greater ratio men are also being subjected to bullying with the growing times.


Because nobody speaks up. Whether it is the victim, their friend, a co worker or the community when they remain quiet, these cases rise. Every time they rise we get to see them in different faces and wonder why. Its called inaction.

Some bullying and harassment can turn violent. Part of the reason early intervention is essential. Violence will lead to dismissals. Under no circumstances resign with getting advice.

Men are bullied differently at the workplace. Young men would be bullied in terms of relationship with senior female employee, colleague forcing them to engage in marital affair or out of rage other employees trying to put them down. While men at an older age will be bullied in cases like: they have grown old so others would recommend them to retire. If they are slow at meeting deadlines they would be bullied and if they could not participate actively in the co-curricular activities held at the office etc. These are a few cases mentioned out of many other cases which men go through harassment and bullying. The cases make the survival and earning for them difficult.

While women are bullying in similar yet different ways such as:

Young girls working at the office are often bullied or harassed by their boss or manager. Sometimes they mistreat them and pay them more so that they remain quiet. While women of older age are bullied for retirement and women of middle age are bullied in sensitive ways like they are divorced, might have cheated husband and also women are bullied on their way to back home from office.

Bullying is different for all, it is different for every age, gender and everyone experiences it in different ways. While it is differently perceived so does its impact. Some of them may take it lightly and move on with their lives, for some it might be dreadful and lead them to commit suicide, serious chronic mental illness. The needy ones might quit the job, going elsewhere and sensitive people might never trust the reliable people too. And the list goes on.

Act before its too late

But before it’s too late, the victims must reach out to someone who can help them at putting an end to the harassment which they face as being an individual. There are many institutions in Australia and communities that organize workshops and such topics are discussed. We have been growing in awareness, while if we see ourselves as not morally getting involved, the problems that must be considered normal are taken as taboo and no awareness is spread.

Victims of bullying and harassment want to work from home. This is in order to feel safe. However they will come increasingly isolated, socially withdrawn. Also may lack the opportunities for promotion. In the longer term it is just pushing the problem down the road. This may not be in the employees best interest. The right to work from home.

Conclusion to: Bullying in the workplace: How do we end it?

A Whole New Approach P/L is a advocacy company enforcing peoples rights and laws. It is a place which works hard for you, offers free advice and people can contact them for consultation. Many employees who cannot speak for themselves, many who cannot trust anyone to lighten the burden of their shoulders ring us. Employees looking for someone who wants to get rid of bullying or if it is the case of bullying in the workplace we can handle all of these matters without any havoc for the employee. To stop bullying in the workplace or to dig out someone suffering from bullying, AWNA can bring ways which can give safer zone to the victims while teaching a lesson to the culprits.

Want to take matters to the Fair work Commission, feel forced to resign, considering lodging a general protections application or abandoning your job due to a toxic workplace call us.

We are safe, reliable and trusted advisors where anything shared remains confidential. We are available 24/7 to serve anyone who might need us. AWNA is here to help employers to develop anti-bullying workplace polices. So yes it’s not just a place to gain justice but it is also a place to seek awareness and grow knowledge of the rights a person holds as an employee.

AWNA have helped many to put an end to the black days of bullying and we are just a click or phone call away. So, before you are too late, contact us on 1800 333 666

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