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I got sacked! 13 reasons I’m glad

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No bodies happy when they get dismissed. Going home, take a deep breath and think of the positives what to do next. Re evaluate your life. A article that may be of assistance in dealing with being sacked, stories of success after being sacked is highly motivating.

I got sacked! 13 reasons I’m glad

Why This Article?, 13 reasons I’m glad I got sacked, this a bit different, everyday we get 100’s of call, emails about how employees are sacked, dismissed, forced to resign, bullied, how its unfair. The list is endless, and we take every call, email seriously, we feel your pain. The loss of your job, is in the top stress factors in peoples lives along with a death in the immediate family and moving house.

Don’t rent your head out for free

But I thought sometimes, in there, some where, we have to put some positive light to this, there has to be a end to the dark tunnel. Some of employers you meet in your life will try to dim your flame. It appears their goal in lifeis make it their mission to break you. Some people are inherently negative, miserable, money is their god, that’s their world.

If they have the chance to crush your spirit, they will try to do it — but it won’t work! You are mightier than they think you are. Getting sacked will not break you. It won’t even slow you down. Its how you approach the future is the key

Are there negative aspects to getting sacked?, dismissed?, terminated? (call it the way you see it). Of course there are! The negatives are obvious. You lose your job and your income when your employer says “Hit the road jack!”

Your next job search can be harder when you got sacked from your last job. It can be exhausting, your confidence has taken a hit, your concerned about getting a job at your age. There’s the great saying “don’t let the bastards get you down” (saying originated in World War two)

I got sacked today, I’m not happy, but I’m going to be positive. Crazy dismissals is useful reading.

There are plenty of negatives associated with getting sack from your job, but there are powerful positives, too!

Have a look at our page on toxic workplaces, it may help you. You have to strategize, play the long game, where do I want to be in 2 months time? I want a job, same pay and conditions. Or I want a better job, a different job, a new career, whatever it is, write it down, develop a plan, a pathway, put a timeline on it.

Have goals, don’t dwell on the past, that cannot be changed, its all about the future. If you want to keep complaining, it doesn’t get you a job, your partner gets sick of hearing it, the relatives get sick of hearing it, your friends, and you still no better off. Lets move on, easier said than done, but you have to try.

I got sacked! Here are the 13 best things about getting sacked.

1. When you get sacked, you finally realize in a flash that the job wasn’t right for you. Maybe you were constantly just trying to put that square peg in the round hole, do that often enough, it hurts, physically and psychologically. Now you’re sacked and it hits you: I’m free!

2. When you get sacked, you see that even though it’s stressful to job hunt, you get to choose which kinds of jobs to go after. When you’re desperately trying to please your employer at a job you hate, it’s very hard to muster the physical and emotional energy to pursue a job search after hours. Now you have the time to focus on getting a job that deserves you!

3. When you get sacked, you can often receive Services Australia benefits (used to be known as Centrelink benefits) even if your former employer says that you were fairly sacked or weren’t forced to resign. They have to prove that you were fairly dismissed, that there was a “valid reason” and not just sacked because somebody didn’t  like what you had to say. If they cannot make their case, you will be found eligible for benefits.

Everybody is geting in your ear. Slow down take a deep breath. Get advice. See your doctor if you think this might help.

Have that inner strength

4. When you get sacked, you realize that you have inner strength you didn’t necessarily know about. You may have been lying in bed at night for weeks, unable to sleep because you were so worried about your job. You thought that losing your job would be a horrible thing but now that it has happened, you realize that you can handle this challenge — and much more! No one can take your self respect away from you, unless you let it happen, its not for sale, you own it.

You grow muscles whenever you surmount a new obstacle. Getting fired can motivate you to shoot higher in your job search this time and get a job working with people who inspire and trust you! Remember its not what happens to you in life that defines people of character, its what you do about it.

5. When you get sacked, you are forced to get altitude on your life and career. You have to pause and ask the hard questions: What do I want from my life? What do I want from my career? Now you have the opportunity to look back at the path you’ve traveled so far, and to look forward at your path heading over the horizon.

It’s your life, and it’s your career. Your miserable job gave you a reason not to look at your life and plot the path ahead. Now that excuse is gone. It’s just you and your path, now. Where are you going to take your career next?

You learn who your real friends are

6. When you get sacked, you learn who your real friends are. Some of your former colleagues will disappear from sight now that you have been tagged as an undesirable. Lets be honest the only thing you had in common with many of your so called friends was work, that’s gone now.

Some of them will stand by you, have coffee with you and offer to be a professional reference for you. It’s good to know who’s in your corner and who never was! Trust me, after 16,000 plus claims I’ve never had a client inform me colleagues have rung them up offered to pay their rent, the mortgage, send you a food parcel, a petrol voucher. Focus on moving forward.

Being dismissed can be a positive. Your backside initially hurts but then you move forward.

Better direction next time

7. When you get sacked, you get the opportunity to look back at your interview process in search of clues. We can almost always remember statements and actions that would have clued us in to the unwholesome nature of the job and the management team we’ve just left if we are open to learning. If we want to get the “Ahas!” that will guide us in a better direction next time, we have to look in the mirror and say “Oh, now I see  it — when my ex-employer told me that he makes all the decisions and must not be questioned, that was my cue to say ‘Maybe you should hire someone else!’ I took the job, but now I know — I’ll never work for a fearful manager.

Be Your own person

8. When you get sacked, you get inoculated. You realize that it’s not such a bad thing for someone to tell you “I can’t deal with you!” You feel your power at that moment. Getting dismissed reminds us that even when we feel powerless, we have more influence on people around us than we think we do. Work and society has a structure to it, and we get conditioned to accepting our position within this. There is nothing in the rule book of life that says you have to accept the so called status quo. Break out, be your own person, your unshackled now.

9. When you get sacked, you get out of a rut. Maybe you knew you hated the job, but you would have stayed there for a long time if they hadn’t told you to get lost. Mother Nature is the best teacher. If we don’t attend to her small, subtle messages she sends bigger and louder ones until we finally take notice!

Someone will appreciate your talents

10. When you get sacked, you realize how pointless it is to try to please people who will never, ever get you, understand you or appreciate your talents. You realize all the extra efforts, time, emotion was wasted, nothing wrong in looking back, learn from it, but don’t get obsessed with it. Move on, move forward, move up. We all have our regrets, but you cannot un scramble the eggs now.

The cycle of life and looking for work is tough. It can get you down. Ring us, get some advice, suggestions from us.

Find a company that deserves you

11. When you get sacked, you reflect, you realize that not every manager and not every company deserves you. That’s a powerful realization — and a wake-up call! The mousier and more compliant you are, the less likely you are to be dismissed at any point during your career, but the more likely you are to get sick from denying your true feelings and your true beliefs. Being compliant, is a safe option, but is it you?

12. Now you know that if you don’t leave an toxic workplace on your own, the forces of nature will push you out. They will nudge you back on your path where you belong! Who knows how many millions of people keep their personalities under wraps at work just to avoid making waves? I have a saying “god’s got a role for all of us, its a matter of finding it”. We ring people up at 10:00am in the morning and some are still in bed asleep, I’ve woken them up.

Get up, keep searching

I state you cannot get a job or make money laying in bed asleep, if you know how I will join you. I’m not trying to be a smarty, I’m just want to make a point, don’t sleep you life way, remember your dead a awfully long time and no one dies with a smile on their face, enjoy your life, its certainly no rehearsal.

Good employers who realize there are bad employers

13. Instead of stressing what do I tell a prospective employer why I got sacked, do I lie about it?, but if I’m truthful, I won’t get the job. Yes, there is a percentage of employers if you have been dismissed, you will not be given a job with them. Let’s not dwell on this group, maybe their not worth working for anyway. However there are allot of good employers who realize there are bad employers out there.

The reason they are in business because in the past they got sacked themselves, they’ve been bullied, not paid what their worth, shown loyalty and got nothing in return. Maybe they will think you will learn from the experience, be better for it, and have the attitude, we want you!. Be upfront, honest, your a good person, from a good family, let it show. I will be an asset for your business, make you money, continue make your life better, make your job easier “put your best foot forward” as they say.

Been-sacked.-I' m-out-of-here,-learn- to-relax-and-look-for-another-job-or-career
Been sacked. I’ m out of here, learn to relax and look for another job or career

Conclusion to I got sacked! 13 reasons I’m glad

“I got sacked! 13 reasons I’m glad”, its certainly an article with a difference, there is nothing wrong with feeling positive in difficult times. We are A Whole New Approach P/L, we are not lawyers, or a government agency, we are independent workplace advisors, we lead in advocacy work, representation and research on all matters relating to the workplace.

Any Fair work Australia and Fair work Commission matters, including being sacked (dismissed), general protections, workplace investigations. Termination of employment matters, and a topic we are passionate about diversity in the workplace. We work in all states, including Victoria, NSW, QLD, Tas, SA, WA, NT.

Give us a call, advice is free, prompt and honest, we “keep it real” 1800 333 666.

Find out “how much is my unfair dismissal case worth“, also compare your situation / claim to others.

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