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Your unfair dismissal claim, along with the hours spent can go to waste if it is not lodged the right way within the given timeframe of 21 days. We can lodge an unfair dismissal claim the right way, Maximizing your chance of getting the largest compensation you deserve.

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Having been in workplace representation for over 30 years and strictly representing employees, employers know of us and they fear us. Unfair Dismissals Australia are your unfair dismissal experts.


Great firm to deal with. Everyone involved with this company is very competent and professional. After the initial consultation I barely did much except take phone calls which took a large weight off my shoulders. I highly recommended! 5 Stars!


I highly rate these guys for their employment law knowledge and expertise. The director, Gary is like an encyclopedia and took us through the motions like he’d done it a billion times before. I would recommend any employee to give them a call, it is at no obligation to you.


Gary is an amazing advocate for employee rights in the workplace. These guys not only offer a fantastic service but also a caring one. Honestly, THE BEST advice and representation I’ve ever had anywhere! When it comes to employee fairness and finding the right representative for you, I Highly recommend using this company!

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    Unfair Dismissals Australia is an industry leader. We strictly represent employees regarding issues to do with fair work. We are available 7 days a week.