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Retired Doctors and Nurses Recalled to Fight Coronavirus

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Retired Doctors and Nurses Recalled to Fight Coronavirus, Unfair Dismissal Australia

Over 40,000 former nurses, doctors, and pharmacists have been urged to re-join the medical workforce, in order to provide a boost to Australia’s front line in the fight against Coronavirus.

Retired Health professionals and those whose registration has lapsed within the last three years are eligible to apply for medical work as of next Monday. The former medical professionals who apply will be added to the general register for 1 year, under a pandemic sub-register.

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency CEO Martin Fletcher stated the potential to have thousands of healthcare workers reinstated during the pandemic would relive stress on medical staff who are already working.

Internationals, recent medicine graduates and retirees are all currently being fast-tracked to help fill the shoes of much needed medical practitioners. Physiotherapists and radiologists who have recently put a holt to working will also be contacted in staff call-ups.

In order to ensure the right candidates qualify, those with health issues along with others who have been struck off the register will currently be told to opt out. Employers will be asked to take advanced screenings of candidates to ensure Australia provides the right health care workers to those in need.

Ex-Medical Professionals

In Italy, it has been estimated one doctor per day has past due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), including two doctors who were in their early 70s. These doctors had come out of retirement to assist their country with the outbreak, so it is advised those who have other underlying illnesses need not apply.


The fight against COVID-19 has not moved on to deploying the medical workforce to vaccinating the Australian population.

The controversial issue with the workplace itself is many medical professionals themselves refuse to be vaccinated. This is particularly prevalent in the age care and disability sector of the economy. It raises the question of, can you be dismissed for not getting vaccinated? Maybe yes, maybe no, it will reach the point of if your not vaccinated, you will not be able to work. If you have concerns give us at A Whole New Approach a call to discuss your circumstances. unfair dismissals, general protections, workplace disputes, we are here to help you. 1800 333 666

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