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More Jobs, Less Pay For Female Barristers

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This headline is from an article published in the “The Australian” newspaper today (Sept 18, page 6)

More Jobs, Less Pay For Female Barristers, Unfair Dismissal Australia
Pay issues outstanding?

I wrote an article on the blog on exactly this topic (16th of Sept) how more females are graduating, entering various professions, how they get less pay than their male equivalents.
Its ironic, the legal industrial that represents people / workers in discrimination and sexism claims doesn’t treat its own workforce equally.
It’s the old adage “do as I say, not what I do”
Still small steps I raised the issue the other day, now “The Australian” is publishing material on it, at least its getting more and more in the conversation.

Its not just about the pay rates, it flows onto promotion, how workers get treated, if you can’t even get equal treatment in the workplace regarding pay, do you seriously think you get equal treatment when comes to performance, discipline issues, dismissals?
It seems common place for male lawyers to take the Friday afternoon, to have a long lunch with their friends (referred to as networking), a female lawyer wants to go home to see her kids in the afternoon after working extraordinary hours for the week and she runs the risk of being laugh at, she is seen as “soft”, “not committed”.

This applies approach applies in a lot of professional workplaces, it is slowly changing, its inevitable, why the wait, act now!! Call us to chat, or do something about it.

Employees of any gender can take the employers discriminately behaviour in relation to wages, conditions, promotion issues to the Fair work Commission (F8C application)

We are A Whole New Approach P/l, we are not lawyers, but the nations leading workplace advisors, have concerns, questions, worried about unequal treatment, your salary compare to others? give us a call, its free, confidential, prompt and honest. All FWC matters, including unfair dismissals, general protections, workplace disputes. We work in all states, including Vic, NSW, Qld, Tas, SA, WA

“Fortune does favor the brave!” 1800 333 666

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