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General Protections

Forced To Pay Cost by the Court

Made to pay employer’s general protections legal costs When making a general protections or unfair dismissal claim via the Fair Work Commission, it is important

General Protections

Adverse Action “reply all’ email

Dismissed teacher claims adverse action after rude ‘reply all’ email A teacher dismissed by an elite Brisbane school has claimed he experienced adverse action in

how do i prove my case for unfair dismissal
General Protections

How do I prove my case / claim?

Evidentiary Burden: In a General Protections cases and unfair dismissal cases, the evidence in the cases is tested on the balance of probabilities. This is

General Protections

General protections judge gets tough

Employer ordered to pay $100,000 A general protections judge has fined a HR manager over $7,000. Also ordered his employer to pay almost $100,000 in

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