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Redundancy Laws

Fair Work Act 2009 s.389 states An unfair dismissal application cannot be made if the dismissal was a case of genuine redundancy. A dismissal is a case of genuine redundancy when: 1) The employer no longer requires the person’s job to be performed by anyone because of changes in the operational requirements of the employer’s enterprise, […]


What is discrimination of the poor in the workplace? In Australia, the legal definition of direct discrimination is being subjected to ‘less favourable treatment as a result of possession of a protected attribute’. The ‘protected attributes’ include race, age, sex, sexuality and others, but importantly, does NOT include poverty or socio-economic status. We at A Whole New […]

The Importance of Representation for an Unfair Dismissal

Have you been recently dismissed, discriminated against or harassed? Are you looking at making a claim but are unsure about how to approach the situation? You may need to seek advice and/or representation through a paid agent or lawyer. To discuss possible representation or to seek advice regarding your unique circumstances, please give A Whole […]

Retired Doctors and Nurses Recalled to Fight Coronavirus

Over 40,000 former nurses, doctors, and pharmacists have been urged to re-join the medical workforce, in order to provide a boost to Australia’s front line in the fight against Coronavirus. Retired Health professionals and those whose registration has lapsed within the last three years are eligible to apply for medical work as of next Monday. […]

Redundancy during the Coronavirus Pandemic. What are my rights?

Most people who have found our web site – Unfair Dismissals Australia – have concerns about their current workplace situation and are looking for advice during these uncertain times, typically in the following areas: Unfair dismissals Discrimination Unlawful dismissal Harassment and bullying Award rates and conditions (Ring Workplace Ombudsman 131394) Wages and money owed to […]

Workplace Laws & Legal Action

THOSE embroiled in legal action will now have to make all efforts to resolve disputes before heading to court, thanks to legislation introduced today. Attorney-General, Robert McClelland, has introduced legislation requiring people to take genuine steps to resolve their legal disputes before going to court in a bid to improve access to justice. “Access to […]

Dismissal While Taking Leave

An Article from Did you know there are no laws to protect an employee from being fired/dismissed while taking leave? “Ms Ryan’s termination payment was not paid to her until 25 February 2019, as it was paid in the normal pay run of the Pharmacy. Wilcox J stated the following in Siagian v Sanel […]

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