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Employee Rights

Don’t be bullied by your boss

Boss bullies dismissed worker with ‘intimidatory’ allegations It is not uncommon for some bosses to bully or intimidate casual workers in order to force their


Redundancy consulation it matters

Redundancy consultations: All you need to know A redundancy consultation must generally be performed by an employer when it intends to make an employee redundant.

Unfair Dismissal

3 huge dismissal payouts

Dismissal payouts: 3 examples Unfair dismissal payouts are often awarded to employees who lodge aclaim with the Fair Work Commission. When reinstatement of the employee

Unfair Dismissal

Dismissed based on bad medical advice

When bad medical advice gets you dismissed A worker who was dismissed due to medical advice that claimed he was permanently incapacitated has been reinstated.

Unfair Dismissal

Can you be dismissed for having a second job?

Worker dismissed for moonlighting as singer According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 947,300 of the nation’s workers have a second job. This amounts to

Unfair Dismissal

World’s Saddest Unfair Dismissals

Distressing workplace dismissals Typically, when an employee is dismissed, it would be for a fair reason – poor performance, redundancy, or serious misconduct, to name

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