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General Protections / Excising Your Rights

There’s allot of current Commentary Regarding Retired High Court Justice Dyson Heydon, a brilliant jurist, who seems not to be able to keep his hands away from the female associates. What we are currently observing is an increasing percentage of General Prorection applications (F8 & F8C) involve sexual harassment in the workplace. When the Fair […]

Replaced By A Cheaper Worker

In the current economic environment there is no doubt that employers are under pressure to reduce their workforce and or reduce their cost base. One of the strategies being used is to make higher paid employees redundant, (particularly shorter serving employees because the payout won’t be a lot) ie their position is no longer there, […]

Black Lives Matter

We at A Whole New Approach support the movement to reduce violence and loss of indigenous lives in police custody and the community. Time and time again though employees dismissals, terminations and discrimination I see the impact it has on indigenous people. Many people give up after the loss of a job, lose face, feel […]

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