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Employer calls you in for a disciplinary meeting,

Can i have some advice please Currently we are receiving a lot of phone calls regarding attending disciplinary meetings. Now that the employer has the upper hand due to the high unemployment rate (increased supply of labor) and many employer’s are taking every advantage to reduce labor cost (read some of my other blog articles). […]

Its Trash Day, (your dismissal) Employers Playing God

Probationary periods are the non-negotiable loophole for employers to terminate and throw out any agreement you may think you have. Many employment contracts don’t mention that a probation period applies, so new employees automatedly assume it doesn’t apply to them. To some employers dismissing someone in a probation period is all part of a days […]

More Jobs, Less Pay For Female Barristers

This headline is from an article published in the “The Australian” newspaper today (Sept 18, page 6)I wrote an article on the blog on exactly this topic (16th of Sept) how more females are graduating, entering various professions, how they get less pay than their male equivalents.Its ironic, the legal industrial that represents people / […]

COVID-19 and Workplace Discrimination and Dismissals – What Are Your Rights?

If you have experienced different or less favourable treatment in your workplace due to your personal circumstances with COVID-19, you may have been subjected to discrimination and certainly should not be dismissed There are certain personal attributes that are protected by discrimination laws, such as race, disability, gender, pregnancy and family responsibilities. COVID-19 is not […]

Your Employment Rights With the COVID-19 Pandemic

Parts of Australia are current in a state of emergency and a state of disaster simultaneously amidst the global pandemic. With this, our rights and the laws we are governed and live under are changing on an extremely frequent basis. Both the state of emergency and state of disaster declared by our different levels of […]

Mental Health, Animals in The Workplace

Every recession and tragedy in history has shown that people consequently suffer great detriment and negative impact on their mental health and wellbeing, due to harsh economic circumstances. The possible mental health impacts correlated with the imminent economic recession and the coronavirus pandemic is a prominent topic of discussion amongst health professionals and government. With […]

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