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Daily Archives: October 7, 2021

We Are Not “Unfair Dismissal Australia”!

Recently Fair work Commission Deputy President Gerard Boyce was critical of the conduct of a business know as “Unfair Dismissal Australia” regarding the conduct of a unfair dismissal claim where they represented an employee. The case was dismissed and cost awarded against Unfair Dismissal Australia. Dushanthi Jayamaha v Amelie Housing [2021] FWC 4919 (28 September 2021).

Unfair Dismissal Australia was found they were delinquent in its representation. Has a “all bark, no bite” business model, that they don’t run cases past mediation. I’m not here to be critical, the Fair work Commission has already done that.

I’m here to point out we are not “Unfair Dismissal Australia”, we are not this business.

We are A Whole New Approach, (awna.com.au) who owns the URL (web site) known as “unfairdismissalsaustalia.com.au” (which you are currently on)

we also own “sexual harassmentaustralia.com.au“,

unlawful termination.com“, “awdr.com.au“, “antidiscrimination.com.au

This is all part of a diversified marketing strategy to bring specialist services to the publics attention. We are not lawyers, but workplace advisors across various tribunals, and commissions across Australia.

A Whole New Approach has been a registered company since 2004, and we run cases, our business model has allot of bite, look up “cases we have run“.

Your employment, and possibly in turn your lose of the job, are important considerations for you, the lose of a job, has flow on effects, your mortgage, in turn your home, car, marriage, reputation, leading to increased stress, depression, and in turn poorer physical health, the list goes on. Do your research before you appoint any firm to take care of your workplace issues, it doesn’t matter whether that’s s a lawyer or paid agent.

If you seek any clarification, of any issues or seek advise , give us a call on 1800 333 666, its free and confidential. For all Fair work Australia and Fair work Commission matters, including workplace investigations, forced to resign.

We are not lawyers but leading workplace advisors, we work in all states. NSW, Vic, Qld, Tas, WA, SA, anything to do with the workplace, call us. termination of employment and diversity in the workplace issues, we are happy to discuss

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